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In our trading training you will learn the basics starting from scratch, passing through successive steps, until you get to operate in complete autonomy in the world of cryptocurrencies on the main platforms in circulation on the market.


Do not miss a winning project with our ICO Hunters either. Skilled experts in the field of Digital Crowdfunding, perfect market connoisseurs who will help you identify the most profitable projects with detailed weekly presentations of the Top ICOs in circulation by exploiting pleasant direct partnerships with The Crypto Academy.

Mining - Masternode

With the Mining Lab you will learn: the ABC of mining thanks to our experts, you will discover the world of masternodes with the analysis of the best and new projects that will come out. For those who want there will also be the opportunity to activate them together.


In this information section you will take part in the true concept of Decentralization, You, the sole owner of your funds through the study of the use of the best electronic wallets for cryptocurrencies, from hardware wallet, mobile app and web desktop.


The sale of cryptocurrencies is carried out through the exchange. In our reports and tutorials we will deal with the use of exchanges that in some cases are very difficult thanks to the Academy you will have full reading of the tools that make up a platform.


The most important step is the protection of your device. Thanks to our security course you will be able to take care of every aspect of your personal computer in such detail as to make it non-attackable by third parties by protecting your cryptocurrencies, learning the technique of the infectious world of computing.

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