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We accept payments in both cryptocurrencies and in Fiat Currency. Regarding the payment in cryptocurrencies we accept the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin ethereum and Litecoin, while for payments in Fiat we accept payment through Paypal.
At the market value blocked by a 10-minute timer until the operation is performed.
No, under any circumstances. One of the reasons for the change in the market cryptocurrencies that would not allow us to estimate a refund of the agreed.
Subscriptions are valid for monthly, quarterly and yearly. They start from the day of payment for the 30-day monthly, quarterly, 90-day and 365-day monthly subscription.
The course of study within the Academy can have a consequence indefinitely, thanks to the recurrent study of our industry operators are always generated info on new projects and useful information on how to move in this world currently still in an embryonic state.
Absolutely not, after our studies it is up to you to check and make the necessary evaluations on the services in our articles. You are solely responsible for your finances and investments.
There is a relative section with a drop-down menu inside the dashboard where, if you are expert and prepared in the field, you can propose any intention of yours that supports the academy by evaluating a membership, if you are an ICO company we could find collaboration agreements.
Not at the moment, We are preparing for further business development and if you are interested in organizing an event, a day or an evening do not hesitate to contact us. ThecryptoAcademy also searches for contacts all over the world to export the project and replicate it in all languages.
Click on the Contact section and you will automatically send a Mail to Under "Have something to ask" select the item Support: you will be sent an email with a temporary password that you must change within 24h. To eliminate yourself follow the same procedure we will delete your account as soon as possible.
If you are not a subscriber to the Academy you can take advantage of the Blog, Glossary and Free Content service released periodically.
Taking advantage of the Academy's service you will have the opportunity to have access to the ICO section, Trading, Security, wallet, mining, exchange and dynamic portfolio of our professional traders, in addition, Blog, Glossary and Internal Forum where all updates of the sector.
Let's start by saying that the Market Place services are charged. The purchase is not bound to the Academy's monthly subscription, they consist in forming the all-round member to become a real guru in the cryptocurrency market.
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